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Galaxy Treats Moon Babies – 100 Count – 2 Packs
Get ready to launch with Galaxy Treats Moon Babies 20mg (2x 10mg) Hemp Derived Delta 9 THC Gummies or Galaxy Treat’s Moon Babies 50mg (2 x 25mg) Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC Gummies.

These products are made to stand out and offer a quick and easy option to potential customers that want to try these types of products without spending $20-$49 for a bag of gummies.

MSRP: $4.99
Size: 100 Count – 2 Packs
Extraction: Hemp Derived

Galaxy Treats Moon Babies 2-Pack 100 Count Bucket Display

Berry Melon Lifter – 20mg Delta 9 Gummies (2x 10mg)
Tropical Kush – 20mg Delta 9 Gummies (2x 10mg)
Starberry – 50mg Delta 8 Gummies (2x 25mg)
Mars Mango – 50mg Delta 8 Gummies (2x 25mg)
BlueRazz Rocket – 50mg Delta 8 Gummies (2x 25mg)
Galaxy Grapple – 50mg HHC Gummies (2x 15mg)
Plutos Punch – 50mg HHC Gummies (2x 15mg)
Citrus Melon Comet – 50mg THC-O Gummies (2x 25mg)
Planetary Peachberry – 50mg THC-O Gummies (2x 25mg)

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Starberry Delta 8, Mars Mango Delta 8, Bluerazz Rocket Delta 8, Berry Melon Lifter Delta 9, Tropical Kush Delta 9, Galaxy Grapple HHC, Pluto's Punch HHC, Citrus Melon Comet THC-O, Planetary Peachberry THC-O


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